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JustHost is a reputable host with thousands of clients globally. Their JustPlan is definitely affordable and comes with tons of features + a free domain name. Read our in-depth review of JustHost below.
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On August 25, 2013
Last modified:January 23, 2015


These guys boast having over 200,000 customers world-wide and in just a few years since their launch they have grown to be one of the most popular providers. They offer affordable hosting with unlimited features and we've found customers are generally happy with JustHost. They offer 24/7 Phone, chat and ticket support which is always a plus. We also like that they use cPanel as their hosting control panel which is super easy to use and offers a one click script installer for popular scripts like WordPress, Joomla etc.

JustHost Review

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For starters, lets take a look into JustHost’s short term exponential growth. Established in 2008, JustHost is a UK based company that have stretched some serious legs; in just 5 short years, they’ve grown from being a London, UK operation to currently operating from three locations – London (UK), Delaware (US), and North Adelaide (AUS). 2 years ago, JustHost was purchased by Endurance International Group, or EIG, the hosting giant that own over 50 hosting and web companies, including the likes of iPage, FatCow, Netfirms, HostClear, Webhost4life, Hostmonster, and Bluehost, to name a few.

The full JustHost Review

JustHost has had an impeccable reputation and was known to be an excellent hosting company…until recently. They completed some server upgrades, and as a result the complaints started stacking up (from extended periods of down-time to consistent issues performing basic WHM tasks). In August 2013, their was a couple of rather serious hiccups in their data center which affected a lot of their clients; an automatic transfer switch failed, causing loss of power to some servers, which in turn shut down hundreds of their clients websites for hours on end. Since this spell in 2012/2013 though, everything has been fixed and JustHost continues to provide fast, reliable web hosting at an affordable price.

The inevitable drawbacks of JustHost

With their recent downtime and outage issues, it’s probably a good idea to monitor your account for uptime, and if not fully satisfied, ask for a refund…that’s all I can say. Ultimately, as a consumer, you are responsible for your site and your account and should stay on top of it.

The meat and potatoes

Here’s a quick summary of the base plans (along with lowest rates) that JustHost offers (all prices are monthly and USD):

-Shared Web Hosting from $6.99 (36mo term) or $11.99 (monthly term)
-Pro Web Hosting from $24.99 (min 12mo term)
-VPS Web Hosting from $24.99 (12mo term) or $29.99  (monthly term)
-Dedicated Web Hosting from $124.99 (12mo term) or $149.99 (monthly term)
-Reseller Web Hosting from $19.95 (12mo term) or $24.95 (monthly term)

This gives us a quick glimpse at the price points JustHost operates at, and even though domain registration starts at $14.99, they usually have a free domain coupon code (however additional domains will cost you!). One of the key selling features is their Anytime Money-Back Guarantee, which is applicable to all plans:
Your satisfaction or your money back! If you decide to cancel your account at anytime Just Host will refund you for the remainder of your term, excluding setup and domain registration fees, for which we incur a cost.

Let’s talk a bit about a plan not listed above, their “JustPlan” or their entry-level teaser plan (ELTP as I like to call it) which offers you just enough to get a taste, get you hooked, and then inevitably upgrade. Advertised for only $2.25/mo (based on a 48mo or 4 year term) you get the usual “unlimiteds” like unlimited space, unlimited GB’s of transfer, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited email accounts, unlimited mySQL db’s…you get the picture.


It’s actually a pretty sweet deal, provided of course you stay within their parameters of “normal usage” – in which case, you’ll be given 48hrs to reduce usage until you are taken offline, or, naturally you upgrade to a plan that better suits your needs.

Why go with JustHost?


1-Click Installers included with JustHost plan

-Get FREE registration for one domain (even if you end up cancelling and invoking the guarantee, you can keep the domain!), and host unlimited domains within your cPanel;

-They offer a wide selection of free scripts that can be installed on your site, including WordPress, Joomla, osCommerce, and phpBB to name a few

-They offer a full money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with their service

-They have a proven record of growth and sustainability


JustHost Special Offers

JustHost is currently offering 50% off of their Dedicated Hosting, which translates into 50% off of your 1st month (as a one-time discount) when you chose either a 1, 3, 6, or 12 month plan. Learn more here

Also, get your free domain registration using promo code FREEDOMAIN while signing up.

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JustHost Customer Reviews:


Cheaper than anybody else but that's not the point. The point is Bad service and bad customer support. Everything else can easily be rated to 10/10 such as domain transfers, Cpanel ease of use, email management. The problem is that JH is just something to use on a small scale. I've experience serious email outages from them and that's bad. If my website is bad, not a problem, a website is a website but emails ? Can't have that. it's OK to have outages. That I understand, but the problem is when you raise a ticket on same matter, they do not actually reply with something concrete and that is very disappointing.

JamesB    February 1, 2015  

JustHost may be on the cheaper end but the support is not the best. They are quick to reply but the techs don't always seem to know how to fix things and stuff gets escalated. Their servers are fast but anytime I need support I have to go through multiple people. The downside to outsourcing support. Other than that I am generally happy with JustHost and don't plan on leavin unless support gets worse.

George Garrison    January 31, 2015  

JustHost support is not the best but the servers are fast and the price is cheap. I have had some problems with my WordPress site and the techs aren't very helpful but I guess that's not part of their support. Other than that the speed is good and the control panel is cPanel which I used with my last host so that was nice. Overall they are decent and for the price you can't go wrong. Hopefully their support improves though.

Danny    January 23, 2015  

Probably the worst hosting out there.
I transferred everything away from them. I now have a domain (primary) which I do not use or need and I asked for a cancellation and whilst they processed everything and refunded me what was left, they did not remove my account. I quote them in email :

-> "You will be able to log in while the domain is active. Everything is set to cancel. We dont kick you out."

What kind of response is that ? really ? I do not need the service anymore.
Lack of customer support and lack of knowledge of the issue thereof.
Once you improve on customer support then our reviews will improve.
I really really cannot understand why they are rated 9/10 everywhere I look. total BS.

PateV    April 26, 2015  

Cheap prices and pretty good support. Hosting my business and personal blog with JustHost since moving from GoDaddy and have been very happy. They use the cPanel control panel which is nicer than the control panel GoDaddy had which was very cluttered and confusing.

Mary Mallard    January 29, 2015  

I have used them for 3 months and am pretty happy. Had a few issues getting my site transferred and talking to support but after everything was worked out my sites been running great. The price at JustHost is probably the cheapest you'll find.

Cathy Lindel    January 23, 2015