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These guys have a solid game plan, they are innovative, reliable and offer the best support we've come across in the hosting industry. Read our in-depth review of HostUpon below.
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On January 6, 2016
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HostUpon is the one hosting provider whom we've reviewed the most on HRS. Their shared hosting Starter Unlimited plan starts at $3.95/mo and come with some great notable features such as cPanel control panel, Softaculous one-click script installer and unlimited addon domains. One reason we love HostUpon is their in-house support. They offer ticket, live chat and phone support all done in-house with nothing outsourced. This alone is one of the reason HostUpon is a great reliable hosting choice.

HostUpon Review

Today we’re doing a review on HostUpon web hosting.  Our HostUpon Review will cover their hosting plans, pricing, features and support of this Canadian web hosting provider.  Based in Toronto, Canada, HostUpon has cemented its name in the Canadian hosting landscape, and since its inception in 2007, HostUpon has proven itself  to become a strong contender for shared hosting throughout North America. If you’re considering hosting with these Canadian juggernauts, read our review here first!

HostUpon prides itself on an outstanding level of service, and insists that their approach to customer service is one of the key factors in distinguishing them from the competition. Their two core plans include the Business Unlimited and Starter Unlimited, and they also offer various VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting solutions. One of the first things we noticed with these guys up north is that they are privately owned and operated; that’s right, one of the few reliable hosting solutions that isn’t owned by Endurance International Group (EIG), or any big business giant for that matter.

In case you didn’t know – we appreciate that. So much so in fact, that when presented with the opportunity to sit down with their CEO in Toronto, we jumped on it. Read all about it here: Interview with HostUpon CEO. An additional note: HostUpon’s CEO has said, off the record, that he has no interest in selling to a giant hosting conglomerate. Love it, and keep it up!

I know what you’re thinking… “How can a relatively small operation (HostUpon) compete with a hosting company that has the resources and stretch of an enormous hosting company with almost unlimited budget? ” Right? Well we’re about to find out.


Lets get right into the negatives surrounding hosting with HostUpon. As per usual, we’ll outline some of the obvious downsides before getting into the pros. The first thing we noticed was the size of the company; given that they are a relatively small operation compared to their competitors, and though we see no reason for this to affect them negatively, a lot of web hosting consumers tend to avoid getting into bed with the smaller companies. Less resources, less stability, etc. Going hand in hand with that school of thought is how relatively new HostUpon is to the market. Longevity is a big pro to a lot of consumers, and having a reputable history goes a long way.  They have been in the Canadian Web Hosting landscape since 2007 hosting over 10,000 websites..lets hope we see HostUpon around for years to come!

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The Core

When we examine the core offering of HostUpon’s multitude of hosting plans, we immediately realize they aren’t designed exclusively for businesses, nor specifically for personal interest web sites, rather they can accommodate just about anyone. Starter Unlimited is what they call their entry-level teaser plan, or ELTP, which comes loaded with features, like the usual bundle of “unlimiteds” (disk space, bandwidth, emails, databases, etc.), as well as access to hundreds of scripts via a 1-click script installer. It’s comparable to most of the ELTP’s out there, as far as being feature-rich goes, and offers seamless scalability (lots of options for upgrading to VPS or Dedicated hosting). At $3.95/mo, it’s surprising how much you actually end up getting (a LOT), considering these guys are an independent operation based in Canada (though they have servers across the US in Dallas, Seattle and Washington state).

What’s really drawn our attention to HostUpon is the inclusion of FFmpeg video modules in their Business Unlimited plan. For those not aware (which is unlikely, I know), FFmpeg is a wicked-fast audio and video converter (it’s a little more complex than that, but it offers a lot of useful tools for different formats of video). So if anything you are doing might require a solution for cross-platform recording, converting, or streaming, this is exactly what you are looking for! The Business Unlimited plan starts at $7.95/mo, and comes with the same features as the Starter Unlimited, but includes some advanced options, such as FFmpeg modules, dedicated IP, and more.

Let’s take a quick look at HostUpon’s plans. HostUpon has a lot to offer, so we’ll cover the basics but do keep in mind there are lots of options! Here’s a look at the Starter Unlimited, Business Unlimited, and their best VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and Cloud Hosting offering (all rates are monthly and USD):

-Starter Unlimited from $3.95/mo (36mo term) or $14.95/mo (monthly term)

-Business Unlimited from $7.95/mo (36mo term) or $19.95/mo (monthly term)

VPS Hosting (more info here: HostUpon Canadian VPS)

-VPS 50 (50GB Raid 10, 1GB Ram, Unlimited Transfer) from $49.95/mo (24mo term) or $69.95/mo (monthly term)

Dedicated Hosting (more info here: HostUpon Canadian Dedicated Servers)

-DS-100 (2.3GhZ Single Core, 2GB Ram, 1x150GB, 2 IP’s, 10TB Transfer) from $49.95/mo (24mo term) to $225/mo (monthly term)

Cloud Hosting – New (more info here: HostUpon Canadian Cloud Hosting)

-CLOUD 50 (50GB, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited MySQL DB’s, Unlimited Domains) from $38.95/mo (36mo term) to $49.95/mo (monthly term)

The “unlimiteds” HostUpon offers are directly in line with every other web host, in that so long as you remain within the usage of whats considered “normal use” you’re fine. Once you exceed that, be prepared to upgrade. You can find more information about all of their plans and terms of use here: HostUpon Plans.

Why host with HostUpon?

-Flexibility. HostUpon offers such a wide array of hosting options, there’s almost definitely one suited to your needs. Should those needs change, they’ll be happy to suggest a different plan, and in some cases even build a custom solution just for you!

-Cost. HostUpon is right up there with the most inexpensive of hosting solutions, but what sets them apart is what you get in return; where else can you find full FFmpeg functionality, an abundance of extras, a multitude of plans, and practically award winning customer service (note to self: there should be awards for customer service. Create award for customer service, and present it to HostUpon. End note.), for such a low cost?

-Commitment. We’ve found over and over that hosting companies (generally the larger ones with more resources than they know what to do with) are content with mediocre turn-over rates. HostUpon will take the extra step, go the extra mile, and do whatever is deemed necessary to ensure you are a happy customer. Don’t believe me? Try it. Call/email/chat them up!

HostUpon Review - Canadian Web Hosting Web Hosting in Canada

I’ve mentioned HostUpon are a Canadian Web Hosting provider and that is one major plus as almost all the hosts we review are in the U.S.  So what are the benefits of hosting with a Canadian hosting company?

You have the options of being placed on a Canadian server with an IP address in Canada.  This is a huge plus for Canadian companies as Google and other search engines will rank you higher based on your websites IP address.  If you’re a Canadian company then you will definitely want to be placed on a server in Canada.

Canadian laws are MUCH more lenient than U.S laws making hosting outside of the U.S more secure and less vulnerable to the somewhat ‘crazy’ U.S Internet laws.  That being said everything you host needs to be legal and comply with Canadian laws and standards.

If you’re worried about website speeds with hosting in Canada then you need to hear me out.  In almost all test we found that Canadian hosting companies such as HostUpon have better connections to the U.S as they have direct backbones bandwidth carriers that route to the U.S via New York, Seattle and Washington.  The proximity to U.S data centers from Canadian data centers is so close that it makes an ideal hosting platform for hosting.  Americans can experience better performance hosting on Canadian servers than they do when hosted in the United States!

With the U.S dollar generally holding more value than the Canadian dollar it’s almost always cheaper to host with a Canadian provider such as HostUpon.  You’ll get all the bells and whistles while saving money.  With Canada having a weaker currency you’ll find cheaper hosting in Canada which is an added bonus.

Canadian are friendly, we all know that.  In our HostUpon review we found their support team to be extremely helpful.  They do not outsource any of their support avenues which is probably one of the biggest advantages of going with a Canadian Web Hosting company.  Friendly and knowledgeable support is key to anyone looking for hosting so keep this on the top of your priority list when looking for a web hosting provider.

Special Offers

You can keep Googling for low cost hosting, but the reality is we will consistently have the lowest possible rates for any hosting company we review – it’s a fact. As is the case for our HostUpon review, so keep coming back to us, and we’ll reward you with deals. Who doesn’t enjoy a deal?

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HostUpon Customer Reviews:


Price was cheap and I like the phone support. I got someone in like a minute and they helped me transfer my domain and website without any downtime. Good hosting company and staff. They have servers in Canada and the U.S so I chose Canada which I like.

Ronald D.    February 5, 2015  
A+ Support  

I accidentally deleted a folder, contacted HostUpon and within the hour they restored my mistake 🙂 Superb hosting and even better customer service, thank you guys!

Doug    February 2, 2018  

We're a NPO so our budget is tight and when I spoke to Alisha at HostUpon she offered us a great offer. HostUpon moved our website from Netfirms without a glitch and we were up and running the same day. They have great customer service and we're pleased thus far with everything HostUpon has done to get our website transferred.

Daniel    August 4, 2015  

I have been with HostUpon since 2006 and finally decided to write a review. I have a Canadian Marketing blog which has been running since 2002. When I moved to HostUpon I knew I was supporting a Canadian company and since 2006 they have grown to be one of the best hosts in Canada. It has not only helped my SEO ranking but keeping my website hosted in Canada on Canadian servers was extremely important.

The support has been outstanding. Anytime I've contacted HostUpon they've been helpful and resolved my issues. I rarely write reviews but after my last 'screw up' they saved me at 1am. I have recommended them to friends and will not be adding them to my website as a recommended hosting company. They are the real deal!

Christopher    August 18, 2015  
Fast Support  

I've spoken to support on the phone a few times when I ran in to some issues with my scripts database settings and John was able to guide me on where my issue was. HostUpon has a great support team and to me that's what counts. Glad to have made the switch and looking forward to staying with them for years to come.

Tim    July 25, 2016  

Support is amazing. Chris from HostUpon moved our website from BlueHost within a couple hours and had us up and running the same day. I'll be moving our domain over to HostUpon as well. We've had our fair share of web hosts and this time around we look to stay with HostUpon for the long haul. Great support separates them from the pack, well done and great review! - Michael

Michael    June 5, 2015  

We moved to HostUpon 2 weeks ago and it was the best decision we made. They are helpful (moved our site for free) and setup our emails with no downtime. We have used 3 hosts over the past 5 years and so far HostUpon is amazing. They are friendly and our site already loads faster on their servers.

Alvaro    May 7, 2015  

HostUpon to the rescue at 4am when I couldn't get in to my wordpress dashboard. Thanks to their support team who got me sorted. Honestly one of the best hosting companies I've worked with and I'll recommend these guys to anyone looking for web hosting, thank you!

Susan B.    January 26, 2015  

Fast server and great support. I joined HostUpon because they are in Canada and am thoroughly impressed with their support response times and server speeds. Will continue to recommend this great Canadian web host.

Jack Wilshire    April 6, 2016  

HostUpon has helped me every step of the way, happily, patiently and without any frustration. They've been extremely helpful and I'm very grateful for your friendly support. Much better than my previous host and everything has been great thus far. I always recommend HostUpon!

Daryl M.    June 15, 2015  

The best Canadian hosting company by far! There weren't that many Canadian web hosts and then I stumbled across HostUpon and decided to give them a shot. Their servers are in Toronto unlike other hosts that claim they are Canadian which is the main reason I switched to them. I like hosting my sites on Canadian soil and after 1.5 years with them I have to say they are top notch. Support is what I'm talking about here, they are responsive and helped me out on the phone and live chat. Happy to host with HostUpon and love spreading the word about this Canadian company.

Trevor G.    January 28, 2015  

Great review of an amazing company. I've been hosting my business and personal websites with HostUpon for 6 years now. The support is outstanding and the price lock guarantee means there are no surprises when it comes time to renew. I hope the wonderful service continues as I plan to host with them for years to come.

Carl    January 10, 2016  

I often find web hosting companies tell you one things and deliver something else. With HostUpon it's been absolutely a seamless transition from our previous web hosting provider. They migrated our website the same day and copied everything over with no downtime. So far so good and I'll be sure to recommend them to friends.

Guss    January 22, 2017  

I used to use another hosting company for years but had a lot of problems. I Switched to HostUpon and what an amazing experience. Their support is great and always there to help you even if the problem is with WordPress. The hosting is secure, never had issues and more specifically email is reliable. They use cPanel which is my favorite control panel and is easy enough to navigate. The fact that HostUpon is Canadian is a bonus for me. Glad I moved to them, two thumbs up!

layla    August 31, 2015  

They charge in USD not CAD! Why?
I've waited over 5 mins now for someone to respond to the online chat and I am first in the queue and told wait time is 1 min.

M    July 21, 2015  

Nothing beats these guys and this review site is spot on. Been hosting with HostUpon for 4 years now and have recommended tons of people their way. Their servers are fast and unlike almost every other host I have used they don't overload their servers. They use cPanel which is the best control panel and they'll give you a free domain name for life too. If you need some proper solid hosting check them out no doubt.

Michael Sinclair    January 23, 2015  

Fantastic support! Spoke with Eric and helped move our entire e-commerce shop from BlueHost. Finally found a true Canadian web hosting company that provides real support. Our shop is running smooth and the whole team at HostUpon has been amazing to work with!

Melanie Beagle    September 28, 2015  
Canadian Hosting  

I called before ordering and spoke with Alex who explained how the migration process works and how we can get my domain name transferred over. The entire process was seamless! They moved my website and then did the domain transfer without a hitch. Great job from a Canadian Web Host which is hard to find.


Jasper    August 2, 2017  

Amazing support! I got John from support to help me move my site and setup my emails all before my old host shut my server down. He was very helpful and even gave me a few tips on my Google Adwords campaign. So glad I found HostUpon, thank you thank you thank you!

Dayna    January 31, 2015  
Fantastic Support  

Thanks to HostUpon my site is finally stable! Our old host who I won't name couldn't keep the site up for even a day. Once we switched HostUpon moved the site and things have been running smooth ever since. They might not be a big hosting company but they are attentive and responsive.

Peter    October 15, 2017  

Well I was looking for a Canadian web host and stumbled across HostUpon. I read countless reviews and decided to give them a shot. From the order process to transferring our business website it was simple process. John from technical support moved our website within an hour (yes it was that quick) and by then I had already created email addresses for everyone in the company.

It's been over 7 months and we're thoroughly satisfied. HostUpon has fast servers in Canada unlike other companies who claim they are Canadian (won't name any names). I decided to leave a review because it's hard to find a good hosting company with great support. Our website runs fast, emails are always working and knowing that I am supporting a Canadian business is wonderful. I would highly recommend HostUpon if you want your website hosted in Canada with a team that goes out of their way to make sure you're happy, thank you.

Robert Kernshaw    March 28, 2015  

If I had to deal with someone as clueless as myself, I'd be pulling out my hair! Thankfully, the support team at HostUpon are patient and amazingly helpful with answering me on even the most novice questions. The live chat representative helped me get my site online, setup my email and showed me how to check my website stats. So far HostUpon has made my old host look like a hot mess in just a few days, thanks!

Christian S.    January 28, 2015  

Amazing! Migrated my website and Domain to hostupon and although I'm not techie (there were glitches but the fault was all mine) hostupon got it all done and so far I am very pleased with this webhost. I moved away from bluehost because my rates kept going up yearly. Seems like some hosts prefer rewarding new customers while nailing their LOYAL customers to the cross. Just saying! I guess they figure once they have'll never leave, well guess again bluehost!!!

Louise S.    July 10, 2015  

Thanks to Luke and John from support I'm no longer tied to Godaddy! Transferred my website on the same day I signed up without a hiccup. Looking forward to hosting with HostUpon who actually provide real support. Great team and help from the start.

Kelvin Medals    February 4, 2015  
Amazing Canadian Host!  

I was recommended by a friend who uses HostUpon and decided to make the switch. So far they have been SUPER helpful with the transition. I wanted a web host who I could reach out to when I needed help even though I'm fairly good with websites and tech. Overall they are the best hosting company I've used and I will recommend them to others for sure!

Sherry    December 22, 2016  

I signed up with HostUpon today and got my domain and website moved in an hour! Seriously can't believe they got everything moved over so quickly. Great start and I look forward to hosting with them. Very impressed with how everything was handled, smooth transition.

Charles T.    February 20, 2015  

Happy to have found HostUpon. They are in Toronto (me too!) and they host WordPress websites. I have the business plan and find their servers are faster than my last host. Their staff migrated my data from my previous host for me and they did it the same day. I've been hosting with HostUpon for 5 months now and am glad I found them.

Lucas B.    March 6, 2015  

Fantastic support! HostUpon's support team is outstanding, they helped me get my email working and my site loads faster than it ever did with my old host. Truly grateful I found them, thank you!

Sylvia    March 14, 2015  

HostUpon is just awesome. I'm on their business unlimited plan and we wanted to switch to a VPS as our magazine is growing and we needed a VPS.

The support team moved everything to the new VPS for me with no downtime, just a seamless transfer. I've been with my share of hosts and I've never had a migration go so smooth. Kudos to the whole team at HostUpon you really proved that real support can make a difference, thank you!

Melissa    January 31, 2015  

I chose because they are Canadian and I wanted to host in Canada which helps my Google rankings. They have been wonderful and support is always available to help. I like how they have an auto installer for Wordpress made life easier! Good overall and would recommend them if you want to host your website on Canadian soil. - Blair

Blair    March 10, 2015  

These guys are awesome. I needed to upload files for my site which is a search engine whatzonyourmind and these guys are def going to be referrals on my search engine as well for any type of business. I used to be with godaddy before a programmer friend pointed me to this company. Friendly decent professional.

Steve Forman    April 9, 2016  

Their support is why I went with them. John from tech support helped me recover my website from their backups and saved the day. I can't thank them enough! For what it's worth they are one of the best hosts I have ever worked with and I always recommend HostUpon to everyone.

Steven    February 17, 2015