5 Ways To Grow Your Website Audience

How To Grow Your Website Audience

5 Ways To Grow Your Website Audience

To make sure that you gain an audience when you publish a website, you need to have great content. Content marketing is going to help you change everything. Positioning your content properly is key, and there are a lot of marketing tips that are out there.  Your audience is basically a list of your website visitors.  The term ‘audience’ is used when you’re marketing and advertising your website on platforms such as Facebook Ads and Google Adwords.  As your website gets more traffic, your audience grows.  You can then segment your audience based on age, gender, landing pages visited and conversions.  This allows you to target a specific group of visitors when advertising to ensure the right people see the right ads.

Connect With Your Audience

The first major element is connection. You need to connect with your audience. To do this, you need to have a strategy in mind. Be prepared to ask questions about your audience. What is it that they want? Can you help them find information? The goal is to find out what your audience wants, and deliver it to them with content. Amidst the best marketing tips, you will find that connecting to the audience you want is imperative.  Are you targeting a specific gender or age group?  What are their interests?  Understanding who your audience is allows you to present your content with a direct approach.

Targeting dog owners with content about cats for example is obviously not going to work.  To understand your audience at a granular level you can use Google Analytics.  This allows you to see where your visitors are coming from, their age groups and gender.  You can then setup targeted campaigns to specific audiences which will improve conversions.

Understanding who your website visitors are and what they are interested allows you to create relevant content.  Tailoring your content for your visitors allows you to provide quality information to the right clientele.

Utilize Social Interactions

What’s trending? What are people looking for on social media? If you can answer these two questions, then you have all the marketing tips you need. Publishing content that speaks to the trends, including hash tags, and elements associated with social networking is the key factor you need to build success online. Social interactions get updated often, but “trends” come and go. As soon as something trends, harness the popularity for your content, and strike fast.

With Twitter you can see the top trending topics and focus on them while they are relevant.  When you log into Facebook you can see the trending topics in the top right panel.  Creating content that is trending is one of the best way to expand your audience.  Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to find trends is a great way to get ideas on what to talk about.  Use all forms of social media to your advantage.  It’s a free way to grow your audience!

With Instagram, you should comment on posts whenever you get the chance.  Don’t spam, your comments should sound genuine and contribute to the general discussion.

Rewrite Popular Content

Read content about the industry that you’re in. Whenever a popular site puts something up, take what they’ve written and rewrite it. This is one of the marketing tips that will not die. The goal here is to use your expertise to highlight the same content others post, but make it better. You’re going to harness the power of content and bring your own two cents to it. This is what the pros do all the time. Get good at this, and you’ll garner great success.

Rewriting content allows you to take an existing topic that was popular and discuss how things have evolved or changed.  You can expand on why the topic is still relevant, how it has impacted people, what has changed in the industry and how your readers can benefit.  Share your point of view and you’ll be able to reach audiences that the original content may not have reached.

Ask Your Audience Questions

As you cycle through marketing tips, ask your audience questions. Use your social media platform and blog to ask questions. If there are no response, change the question. Just keep asking. Without asking anything from your audience, you will not see any interaction. Do not just ask in your content, either, find ways to communicate feedback. This is a great way to build content that speaks to the audience you want to deal with. Amidst all marketing tips, the audience factor is very important.

Think of your website audience as a classroom and you’re the teacher.  Interacting with them and hearing what interests them or what they think of a particular topic gives you insight on what they like and don’t like.  There is no such thing as a ‘bad question’.  People love discussing content and one way to do that is through your blogs comment sections.  If someone asks a question in your comments then take the time to write a good response and maybe ask a question back to them to get the ball rolling.

Read Comments From Popular Blogs

Not sure what to create? Tired of marketing tips that don’t seem to work? Then it’s time to read comments. Go to popular blogs and websites. Read the comments that people leave reviews, and tutorials. Doing this will help you understand the bigger picture of marketing, and deliver information to you. The more information you have about any given industry, including comments, and commentary, the better you will understand the audience. Your understanding of the audience you want to reach will deliver traffic, and conversions if segmented properly. Do not build content without this important marketing tip.

Focus On Quality Content Rather Than SEO

This may fly in the face of what many marketing tips talk about. Forget SEO as a global construct. It’s too easy to isolate optimization as you versus the world. Instead, think of a group of individuals you want reading your site. If you read other marketing tips, they may tell you to go after the largest audience possible. That’s a mistake. Your content is not for everyone. Do not treat it as such. Otherwise, you will be bogged down with content that no one reads.

SEO will happen organically when you produce great content.  Quality content with a genuine approach is the best way to grow your website and business.

Once your audience is large enough, around 1000 visitors, you can start advertising your website and retarget your visitors.


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