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If you're looking for Cloud Hosting then HostHero is definitely one of the best options. We've reviewed them for months and you can read our full analysis of their Cloud Hosting services below.
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On June 14, 2016
Last modified:May 24, 2023


One of the first hosting companies that offer Cloud Hosting technology at shared hosting prices. HostHero has one cloud hosting plan that has everything you need to get your site in the cloud. Unlike most hosts that put your website, email and database on one server HostHero segments your data so it loads from multiple servers and disks to increase performance and redundancy. Definitely a cool concept that seems to be trending as cloud hosting is getting more and more popular.

HostHero Review

Thinking of hosting with HostHero? Learn more with our HostHero Review below, and enjoy an amazing discount on HostHero Cloud Hosting!

HostHero is a rather new contender in the realm of inexpensive hosting (I prefer this term over “cheap” hosting), but considering they’re offering true Cloud Hosting, they are definitely a front runner in our books for value and technology and even more so, another emerging contender within the Canadian hosting landscape.  With a very low entry price, HostHero Cloud Hosting which starts at $3.95/mo. Nowhere on the internet can you find true Cloud hosting for such a low price. They also offer VPS Hosting, but it’s definitely a secondary offering. We also recently discovered an interview with one of the co-founders of HostHero, and though we don’t want to promote our competition (let’s face it, that’s just bad business), we made an exception (we just love Jerry), check it out: Interview with HostHero co-founder.

Something else we love about HostHero: another small start-up (coincidentally also out of Canada), that’s making sizable waves in the industry and has yet to be acquired by a giant. Frequent users of this web hosting review site will know by now that we are always in favour of supporting the little guys, and will make that extra effort to help a grass-roots, home-grown hosting solution make some waves. EIG (Endurance International Group) are a prime example of a distinguished, reputable hosting acquisition specialist; they own around 50 hosting companies, including some popular brands like iPage, BlueHost, and JustHost, to name a few. We can’t argue that having a juggernaut like EIG vastly improves a hosting company’s chances of success (scalability, resource allocation, budgets, etc.), but there’s something to be said for the hosting companies that continue to flourish independently. No?

But enough about that – here’s our HostHero Review:

HostHero Cloud Hosting plan

HostHero’s hosting is different than it’s immediate competitors: it’s not your typical shared hosting plan, rather, it’s a cloud hosting server, for roughly the same rates. We’ve ran our own independent tests and can tell you that we loved what we saw. They offer high performance cloud hosting starting at $3.95/mo (with a 36mo term), or $19.95/mo without any term, and operate a cPanel control panel (fast, easy, clean, precise). FFmpeg video modules come pre-installed, so video streaming is no problem at all. Included are the usual list of “unlimited’s” that we are used to seeing, such as unlimited space, bandwidth, domains and websites, emails, and databases. But what also comes standard with all of their plans is what helps set them apart from their shared hosting competitors, things like load-balanced servers, CloudLinux technology, and practically full redundancy due to the method of how multiple servers load content. We witnessed consistently fast load times, close to 100% uptime (well okay, 99%), and encountered some of the friendliest and most knowledgeable customer service reps we’ve ever come across. That’s not to say other hosts don’t offer these things, but HostHero is now tested and true.

Screenshot: How HostHero Cloud Hosting Works

Pros and Cons

If one thing is indisputably clear in life, when positive energy is allowed to exist, negative energy has to exist. Good balances bad. Pro’s are balance by cons. Such is also the case in web hosting, obviously. Sure HostHero has low rates and exceptional cloud hosting, but what about the draw backs? For one, lets consider their size. They are small, relatively speaking, but then again we prefer a smaller company for hosting as they seem to provide better support. HostHero is also relatively new to the game but they have grown very fast with a great reputation in the hosting industry.

Cloud Hosting Plans

Let’s take a quick peak at some of the plans HostHero offers, and hopefully this snapshot will save you some time when comparing hosts and making educated decisions. HostHero currently offers one cloud hosting plan and 5 VPS hosting plans.

Cloud Hosting from $3.95/mo (36mo term) to $19.95/mo (monthly term)

Cloud VPS Hosting (prices are based on monthly terms)

VPS10 (10GB Raid10, 384MB dedicated RAM, 100GB data transfer) $39.95/mo

VPS20 (20GB Raid10, 512MB dedicated RAM, Unlimited data transfer) $49.95/mo

VPS50 (50GB Raid10, 1GB dedicated RAM, Unlimited data transfer) $69.95/mo

VPS75 (75GB Raid10, 2GB dedicated RAM, Unlimited data transfer) $84.95/mo

VPS100 (100GB Raid10, 3GB dedicated RAM, Unlimited data transfer) $124.95/mo

What’s evident when we break down the plans is how HostHero can offer such an affordable Cloud hosting plan, since when your business or website grows to a certain point, they’ll surely hold your hand and guide you towards a VPS. All of their plans include a 30-day money back guarantee, which is pretty standard these days, and naturally their amazing customer service. It must be Canada, since the Canadian hosts we’ve reviewed continually raise the bar for customer service.

Granted all of the “unlimited’s” HostHero offers mirror those of other hosts, with a few differences, I’ll take this opportunity to remind users that despite how great it sounds, the subtext is that you remain within the boundaries of what’s widely considered “normal use”. Once you exceed said boundaries, be prepared for a phone call packed with a bouquet of more intense, resource filled solutions. Check out HostHero’s full offering here: HostHero.

Why Choose HostHero?

Cost. HostHero is one of the most inexpensive cloud hosting solutions available on the market today, and here at HRS we can guarantee you get any discounts, deals, and promotions they have to offer (scroll on down!)

Customer service. It’s a well known fact that having a great customer service team leads to good business, for both your host and your site, and HostHero is no exception – they are awesome.

Scalability. Something users might not initially concern themselves with, scalability is just as important as the bottom line. HostHero’s cloud can scale up and down, depending on the needs of your site, and no matter what other HostHero clients are doing, your site will remain unaffected – such is not the case with traditional shared hosting, wherein a heavy user might affect your sites performance. That, plus the fact that if your needs change, they can accommodate you with one of their advanced VPS solutions.

HostHero Special Offers

As we all know, hosting rates and packages fluctuate as often as the weather. Nothing is written in stone, and rates can drop at the wink of an eye. Don’t be shocked if you hear about a low rate or special deal, and when you get to the hosts website, you don’t see it. Keep coming back to HSR, and you’ll always be in the loop!

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HostHero Customer Reviews:


These guys have the best support, period. I've been with many different hosts but HostHero support was the only one to help me sort out some WordPress database issues. I highly recommend them if you need a reliable host with solid support.

Stuart    June 29, 2015  

So glad I found these guys! They do cloud hosting but cheaper and their support is awesome. Every time I call in I get someone within a minute unlike my last host which was GreenGeeks. They were seriously one of the worst hosts I've ever used. HostHero has been great, I host my Wordpress business site and my personal blog on their cloud hosting plan and it's super fast. Had a leave a review because they deserve it. Keep it up guys!

Jason W.    January 23, 2015  

Best support! HostHero moved our website the same day and made sure there was zero downtime. I'm so happy I found them!


Andreas    July 7, 2015  

Support team helped me move my site over without a glitch! John was great to work with and the HostHero team made moving my website super easy. Love their cloud hosting server speed, so far so good!

Denise    January 26, 2015  

Just like the others I've been pleasantly happy HostHero support and speeds. I host a fairly large database of classic cars and with HostHero the database speeds are about 3 times the speed of my last host. I also run a small website from the same plan for our local swim club and all of the members on the board are happy with my choice 🙂 Fast hosting and great support that isn't out-sourced, finally.

Darren M.    January 28, 2015  

Host Hero has been very patient in all dealing with me through chat or
support tickets and in person on the phone.

I am not a webmaster by any means, and Host Hero has helped me tremendously
by taking me through the steps and posting my website.

I want recognize John, Luke and James in particular, he has patience and
genius understanding of computer skills which is far beyond anything that I
can comprehend. He humbly took me step by step from what a
DB is, all the way to how to transfer my website and make it active.

Host hero should be very happy to have team members like John, Luke and
James are stellar in customer service and skill, this is why I chose
HostHero and you have lived up to and exceeded my expectations. I will
confidently refer your Web Hosting to any and everyone I talk to .

Thank you and I look forward to a long future with your company.

Shawn    February 24, 2015  

For a living I build websites, and I've been strongly suggesting HostHero to my clients since I started using them 3 years ago. Their features are powerful enough for me, and my clients can easily run their own sites. I recommend this company to anyone needing a host and reliable emails.

Jerry M.    February 12, 2015