Understanding CloudFlare and How It Can Help You

There’s a lot of tools that you can utilize today, and one of the more interesting ones that you’ll find today is that of CloudFlare. Look online for this solution and you’ll see people raving about how it can help protect and even speed up any website. You’ll find that by joining the network, you’ll not only gain serious optimization, you will also encounter a steady flow of organic traffic, which is always a good thing. While you can get traffic, you will also get added help against spam, and random attacks on your site. Even if you already have plugins on your site, or you have experience in protecting your site from hacking, and other issues, this solution could in fact deliver more benefits than you may know.

What is CloudFlare?

The easiest way to explain what CloudFlare is, is to consider content online. This solution helps push content across a content network that delivers and markets articles and more to a great deal of users. In essence, it gives a voice to blogs, websites and other companies that need promotional consideration outside of just SEO alone. If you were to only utilized optimization, you would only gain organic traffic from search queries. With the use of this application, however, you’ll gain access to interested users that will see information in a much more “closed” setting.

Starting Out For Free

At first glance, you may find that CloudFlare is a bit odd. It may not suit your needs at first glance, but that’s what the company expects. For that simple reason they give out a free solution for anyone that wants to give this solution a try. The free option gives broader security solutions, fast site loading protocol, and peace of mind. It’s a taste of some of the features that they have with their paid options. If you were to upgrade your CloudFlare account to one of the paid solutions, you’ll find that the benefits and bells and whistles most certainly rise exponentially. In fact, you could easily spend $5,000 a month and gain upwards of top notch traffic generation and even conversions if you have an ecommerce solution. This all starts for free, however, and you can gradually increase your commitment if need be.

With or Without A Middle Man

Without the use of CloudFlare your site sits on a server and waits for people to show up. You’re alone in cyberspace and you’ll have to figure out how to find visitors. With CloudFlare, you will gain access to a cloud network that filters your visitors, bots, and sends only verified options your way. That means they filter out any sort of hits that could disrupt your SEO efforts, or try to hack into your WordPress database and beyond. The solution plays middle man, or a bouncer, and helps defend you against internet protocol problems.
Is this the right choice for you? Well, it’s hard to determine whether or not you’ll succeed with using CloudFlare. However, since they have a free solution, it’s best to test the waters. Once you test things, you’ll find out why so many are leaning heavy on it, including some of the internet’s biggest websites online. In the end, test this out, and see for yourself the CloudFlare difference.

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