SiteGround Web Hosting Plan Review

SiteGround Web Hosting Review

With over 2 million websites hosted, SiteGround has become one of the largest web hosting companies around.  This review will focus on the WordPress hosting plans offered by SiteGround and why they are considered one of the best.  Launched in 2004, SiteGround has grown rapidly with over 400 employees and customers around the globe.  Let’s get right into the web hosting plans SiteGround offers for WordPress.

SiteGround WordPress Plans

SiteGround offers 3 shared hosting plans for WordPress.  Their base plan is called the Startup and lets you host 1 website with 10GB of disk space.  The Startup plan supports approximately 10,000 visitors to your site per month.  If you’re new to web hosting and just getting started with your site then this plan should be more than enough to get you up and running.

SiteGround WordPress Plans

The Startup plan is only $3.95/month on a 1 year term.

Their second plan is called GrowBig and comes with 20GB of disk space and approximately 25,000 website visitors per month.  This plan also comes with a few premium features including free WordPress migration from your current web host, on-demand website backups, WordPress caching for performance and the ability to create a staging environment.  The GrowBig plan is great for established websites that run WordPress and want to improve the speed of their site.  The on-demand feature is a must have for any website owner which is why we love that SiteGround included it on the GrowBig plan.  Having the ability to backup your WordPress files and database is such a valuable tool.

The GrowBig plan is $5.95/month on a 1 year term.

The third and last plan is called GoGeek.  This plan is targeted to busy WordPress websites and developers who need more control over their hosting environment.  The GoGeek plan includes all of the premium features of it’s predecessors with the addition of PCI compliance, Priority WordPress support, GIT control and more performance.  It comes with 30GB of disk space and can accommodate up to 100,000 monthly visitors.

Priced at $11.95/month on a 1 year billing cycle it’s not only affordable but the best bang for your buck.

WordPress Security with SiteGround

One thing I love about SiteGround is their commitment to security for WordPress installations.  They have optional auto-update features so your WordPress version is current along with your plugins.  Keeping your plugin up to date means you’re using the latest version and are much less vulnerable to exploits.  SiteGround has custom firewall rules to patch vulnerabilities in WordPress.  For the end user it’s a hands-off approach as SiteGround manages and maintains the server-side modules.

SiteGrounds approach to security for WordPress is one of the main reasons they are official recommend by  They have a WAF firewall and Mod Security rules that protect your admin login page from brute-force attacks and MySQL injections.  As a website owner you want to focus on your business so having a web host that has a proactive approach to security is priceless.  SiteGround even offers a free e-book on WordPress security for those that are interested.

SiteGorund WordPress Hosting


Support When You Need It

Support is where SiteGround really shines.  They are known for their amazing support team that tends to go above and beyond to help their customers.  It’s one of the reasons they have been so successful in such a competitive industry.  With tons of tutorials and a growing knowledgebase you can almost always find a solution to your problem without even contacting them.  They have a support ticket system or you can call them toll free to speak with a live person.  They don’t outsource support like many other providers and that makes a huge difference.  I can’t tell you how many hosting providers we’ve tested that claim they have phone support but when you call they just give you predefined responses or tell you to open a support request.

Choosing a web hosting company that has a great support team is critical.  Whether you need help getting started with your website or just need help setting up email accounts, you’ll be able to reach SiteGround 7 days a week 24 hours a day.  The SiteGround team also attends the many WordPress conferences held around the world and they are also an official sponsor.  They are a company that is involved in the community and contributes to the growth of open-source software such as WordPress.

Speed and Performance

SiteGround uses SSD drives on all of their WordPress hosting plans.  SSD drives are insanely fast and improve MySQL (database server) speeds compared to standard SATA hard drives.  Their plans also include PHP 7 with OPcache.  OPcache improves the PHP performance by storing compiled script byte code in shared memory so the end user does not have to download content that has been cached

You can also use CloudFlare for free with SiteGround.  CloudFlare is a content delivery network that helps speed up websites and also has a firewall to protect your website.  If you choose the GoGeek plan you’re placed on a server with fewer users and given more computing resources as well.

After testing the GoGeek plan for a week at SiteGround the results are remarkable.  Their servers are fast on the front end loading of websites and working in the WordPress admin dashboard was seamless.  Choosing a web host that invests in good hardware is a no-brainer.

SitreGround Features

Free Daily Backups of Your Website

No matter which hosting plan you choose at SiteGround you will get free daily website backups!  This is my favorite feature and one of the reason SiteGround stands out from the competition.  You work so hard to build, design and launch your website so having daily backups in case something goes wrong is awesome.  You should generally keep a current backup of your website locally on your computer but in case you forget SiteGround has you covered.

Backups are kept for up to 30 days.  So if you messed up something on your website or worst case you’ve been hacked; You can request a restore from a specific day and you’re back in business!  You don’t need contact SiteGround support either, you can do restores manually through the control panel which is a bonus and saves a lot of time.


SiteGround may not be the cheapest hosting option but their prices are competitive and the features included offer more value than most hosting companies.  Being listed on the official WordPress website means they have been tried and tested to outperform other hosts when it comes to WordPress Hosting.  Fast website load times, top-notch security and support that you can count on are one of the many reason SiteGround stands out from the pack.  Whether you’re just getting started with hosting or have an established WordPress website, you should definitely consider hosting with SiteGround.

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