Content Marketing Tips For WordPress That Could Send You Viral Traffic

How To Go Viral With Your Content
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How To Go Viral

5 Ways To Make Your Content Go Viral

Everyone that has anything to do with digital marketing is going to tell you how to go viral. They are going to tell you that you need to publish great content, and you need to work hard to get to a point where you could get a viral post and therefore traffic. Here’s the thing, you can’t go viral on day one, and sustain that deluge on day 30. Why? Because going viral shouldn’t be about just one day, it should be about continual publishing power, and that’s where the following will come in hand. If you want help with marketing your WordPress site, or any site that you plan on building, take note of the following content marketing tips that will no doubt send your page to the top of the search engines, and perhaps give you a viral edge in any industry.

Video Marketing Delivers Big Over Time

The first major thing that you need to work with is simple, video. You don’t need to make long videos, you don’t need to be a film maker. However, you should be posting videos on an official YouTube page. Why video? First of all, more than 90 percent of people using a mobile device watch videos. Of those people, nearly 80 percent of them interact with video advertising and marketing elements. Secondly, you are going to be pushing the SEO envelope amidst some of the biggest websites in the world. The number one and possibly number two websites in terms of sheer traffic and SEO are marketing sites that let you publish videos. YouTube is not going anywhere, publish videos.

YouTube is one of the best platforms to share your video but don’t stop there.  You can also use Vimeo and a bunch of other video websites to extend your reach.

Know The Audience

Who is your audience? Seriously, when you look at marketing in general, ask this question. Ask about who you want to read and respond to your marketing work. What are you going for? Think about this and write down demographics. For instance, focus on age, background, city, and more. Think about the average user that is going to hit your site and respond to what you’re doing. If you don’t know this, you cannot go far with marketing. You cannot hit viral strides if you don’t know your audience, simple as that. Do NOT say that your marketing speaks to everyone or anyone, because it’s not a good thing. Make absolutely sure that you do not make the mistake that you’re marketing to everyone in the world. That’s absolutely wrong. Marketing speaks to specifics, you need to know specific demographic information about who you want to speak to with your marketing and content.

Make It Absolutely Easy To Share Your Content

Content that isn’t easy to share, doesn’t get shared. If you are not going to use social media share buttons, or tell people to share your content, it will not go anywhere. In terms of digital marketing, you have to make sure that others are promoting your work, and that’s something you have to ask them to do, and make it terribly easy to do so. If you don’t do this, you will not get anywhere, simple as that. There’s no way to go viral if people aren’t sharing your published content.

Get The Thesaurus Out

When you are putting together marketing copy, and when you are writing titles, get your thesaurus out. Use words that others aren’t using. Make sure that you look at how to phrase things different, and look at viral posts from past and present. Take a look at how bloggers, marketers, and many others use their copy to get a hold of viral traffic. The more you know about marketing vocabulary, the better your content will become. Marketing is very important, but more important than the initial act is the way you use your words. Your vocabulary is going to set you up for success, believe that.

Set Up A Good Schedule

There are viral marketing tactics that play on the trope of luck. But guess what? Luck has nothing to do with long term marketing success stories. Long term options use schedules, and they have milestones to work with. In that regards, content should come with a schedule of updates that you are planning for your website. A good rule of thumb for this is the 30-day rule. Write or create 30 posts for your WordPress page, and pre-load them to automatically post over the month. By doing this, you will see a huge jump in traffic, and authority, guaranteed.

Using the tips above, you’re going to go far with any WordPress site you decide to create. Test them out and see how far your page can go in less than 6 months’ time.

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