Best Canadian Dedicated Server Company 2015

Our Review Of The Best Dedicated Server Hosting Company In Canada

The backbone of the internet relies on web hosting. You may not immediately think so, but it’s an absolute that you can’t really run from. So many people assume that you have to deal with a variety of elements to get a website up and running, but that’s not true. You just need hosting. Now, beyond the hosting that you are going to find in “shared” arenas, you will want to look into dedicated solutions. Today we’re doing a review on who we think is the best Canadian Dedicated Server provider.

If you haven’t really narrowed down your options for the best Canadian dedicated server, you’re in luck. The following will shine light on the best dedicated server in Canada for 2015. There are several points of interest found here, with many options showcasing a great deal of promise. However, if you’re going to go forward in 2016 with the best solution for your company’s needs, then by all means, make sure that you consider the best. The following is in fact the best dedicated server solution found today.

Why You Should Get A Dedicated Server in Canada

First and foremost, you should get a dedicated server because it will allow you to run larger applications. When you are working with shared options, you will not be able to do so. For instance, let’s say that you were building a large social network, and you wanted to ensure that you had enough memory, space, and bandwidth to have a server load of hundreds, if not thousands of people. In order to do that, you will need to have dedicated addresses, root access, and the ability to launch several channels at once. Furthermore, you will need to have mirrored sites, and much more in the back-end. Without root access, and a large dedicated amount of space, you will not be able to set up a network that can compete with many social sites today.

Aside from establishing a website, you could use the best dedicated server options to build a gaming area. For those that are wanting to establish themselves as mainstays in the gaming world, multiplayer online games require servers to run, and with these in place, you could have a clan practice at any given time. Imagine playing and hosting your favorite games, in real time, without lag or worrying about “public” servers.

The main reason why you should be getting a dedicated server is simple, it’s a matter of freedom. There are few freedoms given to you when you’re looking at hosting. However, when it comes to this, the best bet is to garner access to servers that can be custom formatted for your needs. The best dedicated server solutions aren’t going to be found with “shared” hosting plans, as they are not the same. The best are dedicated and that’s it. Don’t get confused by companies that promise the best dedicated server options, and only deliver on shared hosting that is “masked” as a dedicated solution. Read the fine print, you’ll find out that there’s something awry. With that in mind, consider how the decision was made to come up with the best dedicated server solution.

Weighing The Best Dedicated Servers

There are a lot of companies that you could invest into. The reason why we choice was simple, freedom. The whole purpose of even ranking the best dedicated server is because it needs to be done. Too many people are opting for lackluster solutions. There are some big players in the hosting world and they are charging an arm and a leg. The reason why they charge so much is because they are spending millions upon millions of dollars on advertising. You’ll see their ads during the Super Bowl, and major sporting events around the beginning of the month. Chances are, they are blowing all the budget on marketing, and delivering moderate servers. doesn’t do that. They focus on tech, and that’s why it’s clear that they are the front runner when it comes to picking out the best dedicated server options today. The decision came after looking at several options within the confines of servers. They offer dedicated web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud options as well. However, they really took on a new leaf in 2015 by offering incredible options at dedicated server levels. They don’t break the bank, they offer root access, and many other features that you are no doubt going to want to see.

The Best Canadian Dedicated Server Company 2015 –

It’s easy to just say that is the best server company of 2015. But that’s not enough. Consider the base line features that you are going to get when you order a dedicated server from them. Each option that they provide comes with this minimum, and then staggers upwards based on your needs.

The baseline solution they offer is the DS-50 Dedicated Server. This server comes with a 2.3 GHz single core processor, 2 GB dedicated memory, 75 GB Raid protected disk space, 5 TB bandwidth, 2 dedicated IP addresses, cpanel, WHM, and root access. This is the starting line for those that want to take a look at what the best dedicated server company has to offer. You will receive this option for $175.00 a month. Looking at these specs, you may not think that it’s a big deal, but compared to the shared hosting that others pawn off as dedicated, you’ll see that this is definitely an incredible solution.


That’s not all, you will receive 9 major features that comes with every option from this best dedicated server solution. They include:

WHM and cPanel – gain access to a visual control display, and easy to use dashboard.

Free Migration – if you already have hosting with someone else, migration becomes free. That’s right, seamless migration, done for FREE.

IBM Servers – using only IBM servers, you have reliability and branding you can trust.

Full Root Access – here is the primary concern people have, and you know what? Only the best dedicated server company delivers on this, FULL ROOT ACCESS!

In-House Support – there is no outsourced support, the full team is in-house in Canada, and can be reached through phone, chat, and email at any given moment.

Insane Bandwidth – using a multi-gigabit network backbone, you will receive dedicated servers that are connected at 1GB/sec.

Scalable – need more space? Need more memory? No problem, scalability can be done fast, without downtime.

Full Security – don’t worry about security, there is protection against CSF, LFD firewalls, and even brute-force detection to ensure that you are not taken advantage of.

Launch Today – when you invest in the best dedicated server options, you will be able to launch immediately. With built in applications, and more, you can get started with PHP, MySQL, and much more within a few seconds.

Start From Zero

Let’s say that you don’t want anything pre-installed, or rather just want root access, and you want to start building a fully realized, strong website, you can definitely do that. With root access, you can start with a blank line, and program anything you’d like. You could set up a huge site, or something small that gets a lot of hits. You could host a podcast, and become the number one show on the internet, or you could start a video streaming company and build on that. The point is, you can start from zero here, and can build an empire thanks to the best dedicated server option online right now.

Control Is The Name of The Game Here


When cycling through other solutions that were in the running for the best dedicated server company, it was easy to look for solutions that said they gave control. However, only gives consumers a full run down of features, alongside a full test of the WHM backend. That’s right, when you decide to check out what has to offer, you will be able to test the WHM option with an easy to use and navigate demo. What is interesting here is that you will not have to worry about a high learning curve.

You will not only receive control, you will a dashboard that is intuitive, and is familiar. Often times when you buy dedicated server space from companies, you end up with a negative. Lots of companies like to set you up with a blank space, IP address, and that’s it. You have to do everything from launching SQL elements, to installing functions, themes, transfer files, and so much more. They hand you the keys to an empty apartment, so to speak, and you have to do everything else.

That can be possible with, but that’s not what they are offering altogether. They give you control. If you order from them, even the base options, you will be able to take advantage of all the features listed above, and even test the WHM before you spend a dime. That’s something more than the average server company is offering.

Remember, the goal here is to give consumers more control over the web hosting solutions that they have in place. You are given the green light to do whatever you can dream up in terms of hosting. That’s the whole reason why people go with dedicated servers to begin with. It’s a solid solution well worth exploring on a deeper level. Just look at the image below and you can get an idea of what the WHM interface looks like. Again, it’s about giving you control, without forcing you to learn a whole new system of setting up a server. For the beginner this is crucial, for the expert, this makes life easier.

The Price of Dedicated Servers From

best canadian dedicated server - pricing

Here’s the thing, many people will look at all the features, and the lineup and will assume that the price is going to be way too much. Well, that’s where the difference maker started to really make sense in regards to picking the best dedicated server company. The thing that you will have to denote is that the cost of many options online are going to rise exponentially. has outdone themselves here, allowing for affordable rates without sacrificing power. Dedicated servers start at $175.00 a month. That’s right, as mentioned above, the DS-50 comes with $175.00 and the lineup of features mentioned above.

If you need more than the base line, don’t worry. If you choose the DS-400 option, you only spend $595.00 a month. For that, you will receive 3.5 GHz Quad Core processor, 16 BG dedicated memory, 1 TB raid protected disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 2 dedicated IP’s, cpanel and WHM, and root access. Simply put, you get power for more than half of what you’d expect to pay from other companies.

Add that to the main features that you will receive on top of this, and you’ll see why the best dedicated server company right now is definitely Not only that, if you need more, or you need help deciding what option is right for you, you can chat with a dedicated server specialist and find out what size server you need, and how you can go about upgrading if that’s not enough. They are even known to cut deals if you are interested in a much larger solution, giving the consumer the power.

Truly The Best Dedicated Server Company in Canada Right Now

Take a serious look at what the best dedicated server company is doing right now. is putting their best foot forward. They have been gaining ground in the industry for some time, and with 2016 upon us, they truly did amazing things in 2015. So much so, that they certainly are the best company to work with if you want a dedicated server.

There are a lot of reasons why you would want a dedicated server. But when it comes down to breaking down the best features, the best solutions, and pricing, you have to give it up for and what they are doing right now.

Remember these main dedicated server features:

  • Dedicated Server
  • WHM and cPanel
  • Scalability
  • Dedicated Support
  • Unlimited Space
  • Fast Connection Speeds
  • IBM Servers
  • Free Transfers
  • Low Pricing
  • Custom Setups
  • Easy Installation
  • Much more!

The features list can go on and on, but when it comes down to it, you’re going to find that the balance between what you will receive and the cost definitely speaks for itself. is an affordable solution for those that are tired of paying high premiums for web hosting. If you’re sick of paying for shared hosting that slows down whenever you have a popular update, then it’s time to upgrade to a dedicated server. Test the waters, just once, and you’ll definitely never go back to any shared solution ever again.

Right now, many people are jumping on the dedicated server bandwagon, and if you’re going to go that route, you might as well go with the best. The best dedicated server company of 2015, is no doubt, and as 2016 starts, they are poised to take the crown yet again. They offer the best solutions in terms of features, space, and pricing. No other company is putting up this type of offering, and receiving so many positive reviews. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another company that is doing the same, and giving out as much opportunity for individuals that want to take on a wealth of tech, without breaking the bank. Save money, build an empire, and never look back with and the best Canadian dedicated server options possible. From simplicity of use, to tech, to support, they are firing on all cylinders right now.

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