3 Simple Ways To Keep WordPress Secure

3 Ways To Keep WordPress Secure

Keep WordPress Secure

Is Your WordPress Secure?

Installing WordPress is one of the best things that you can do with your web hosting account. Millions of people do this on a regular basis, and yet they make critical mistakes. We’ll go over three simple ways on how you can keep WordPress secure and protect your website from malware, hackers and exploits.

Change Your Admin Passwords

The first thing that you need to do is simple, change your admin passwords. Your passwords for the WordPress installation you put in place, even the 1-click kind, will be simplified. WordPress gives you an automatic solution and it’s up to you to configure, change, and reroute it. You have to do this immediately, or you will forget. There are currently millions of WordPress installations that didn’t do this. You could go around and login, change settings, delete files, and so much more with ease. Don’t neglect to change this.

To change your WordPress admin password you first need to login to your WP Admin Dashboard.  Once logged in, click the Users link in the left menu.  From the Users page you can edit and modify your admin user details including the email address and password.

Always use a password that has uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols.  You can use this free password generator to create a strong password for WordPress.

Customize The Database Passwords

WordPress installations will connect to databases that they set up. They will also set up passwords that will leave you vulnerable. To offset this, login to MySQL Admin and change the passwords to something that is not standard. This may turn out to be a little advanced, but it’s important that you do this. If you do not change your database passwords, hackers can easily crawl in and change your content and more without you even knowing about it. Don’t let them win, protect yourself by changing the database passwords manually.

Keep up with WordPress releases

Here is one way to ensure that your WordPress stays up to date, and working well. Every few months WordPress is going to update their release schedule (you can see a list of WordPress releases here). When you see that this has been done, make sure that you look forward to updating your WordPress install as it is released. Don’t worry about the beta versions, only go with stable options. The stable options will help you ensure that any security holes are patched up. When you do this, make sure that you check with the plugins that you have installed, and make sure that they are up to date.

You can read our recent blog post on How To Update WordPress for a step by step guide.

As you can see these are critical updates and mistakes that you could end up making. It’s imperative that you keep WordPress secure and updated. Many people just move forward with updating content, and setting up websites without following through on making the aforementioned changes. Done properly, they will mean the difference between a secure, simplified WordPress install, and one that can cause serious havoc on your web hosting account.

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