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Welcome to HostReviewSite, your guide to everything web hosting. My name is Chris and I’m the founder of HRS. I launched this website after researching various web hosts for my own personal website. Finding a reliable web host for your website can be difficult, with so many options and providers I wanted to help others in choosing the right host. You’ll find the latest web hosting reviews, best Canadian hosting and web hosting guides with actual customer ratings and feedback. No BS, just browse around and you’ll see why HRS is one of the best resources for web hosting, SEO and everything in between!

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  How To Find Your First Web Host

Find Your First Web Host

Find Your First Web Host and Get Your Site Online So you’ve build your website or in some cases you may be looking for your first web host to actually build a website using the tools they provide.  Web hosting is a competitive market and you’ll have thousands of web hosts to choose from.  It…

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FFmpeg Hosting Guide So you’re looking to start a video website or a YouTube style clone and the term FFmpeg comes up.  Today I’ll explain what FFmpeg is, how it works and where you can find a reliable FFmpeg Hosting provider.  FFmpeg is a free library of tools however not all hosting companies support it…

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  How To Guide: WordPress Marketing Tips

Guide to WordPress Marketing

WordPress Marketing Tips To Gain More Traffic Today we’ll cover a few WordPress Marketing Tips you can use to gain a broader audience.  You may already know about WordPress. You may have even installed it and are working with content. Updating content is a great thing, but you are going to be missing out on…

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  Avoid Social Media Marketing Mistakes

How To Avoid Social Media Mistakes

Social Media Marketing Guide Social Media marketing is one of the most powerful tools to spread the word about your website or products. If you are not working with social media marketing, you are way behind. After you purchase a web hosting account, make absolutely sure that you look into social media marketing, even if…

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  Avoid Bad Web Hosting

Avoiding Bad Web Hosting Providers

How You Can Avoid A Bad Web Hosting Company Today we’ll provide some helpful tips so you can avid bad web hosting providers.  Web hosting is a very competitive marketplace. There’s a lot of companies that are trying to get your business and attention. You may run into a lot of marketing elements that seem…

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  Tips To Improve WordPress Speed

How To Improve WordPress Speed

Learn How To Improve WordPress Speed and Overall Performance WordPress Speed and performance is one of the first things people ask about.  Everyone wants their website to load faster and we’ll cover some simple ways you can improve your Wordpress Speed. One of the premier content management systems that you will be able to use…

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Latest Web Hosting Customer Reviews

  • I’ve been using JustHost as per recommendation of a fellow web developer. I have been pleased with the services and support offered so far. I’ve had only one hiccup so far and it was simply a communication error between me and the technician I was dealing with. My personal website, was having issues but the support rep was able to get it fixed very quickly.

    I’ve had experience with Lunarpages, Dreamhost, Godaddy, and now JustHost. Just host is a great host, offers great service, and great pricing – highly recommended. Their plan features are great and they use cPanel control panel which is one of the reasons I chose them since it is easy to use and manage my site. Overall they have cheap hosting and great support which is what I was looking for. Zach Melo

  • I have always recommended iPage as a web host choice. At first I was a bit hesitant in choosing them because of the bad reviews that i was hearing. But iPage really proved to me that they are worth getting. I had a time when i was really irate. What really impressed me, although it was technically my fault, they assisted me and handled the situation really well within a matter of time they resolved the issue and I never had any difficulty again. Very good web support and a value for your money.

    They also gave me free advertising credits for Google Adwords which is a nice touch. I think iPage is an affordable option for people looking for a solid host with unlimited space and bandwidth. They also give you a free domain name which was awesome. I’d recommend iPage based on my personal experience. David Fairfield

  • I have two hosting accounts with HostUpon and consider them the best hosting provider I’ve ever been with! I have gotten help from their support staff, answers from the sales team and my websites never have problems. I recommend HostUpon to all my friends and will continue to host my sites their for many years to come. It is hard finding a reliable hosting company but HostUpon is the best I’ve come across! They even offer a free domain for life so I save $15/yr and I still own the domain name.

    I mainly chose HostUpon because they have live chat support and their support is in-house which is VERY important to me. Call me old-school but I like a company that doesn’t outsource their support departments. Speaking with a real person when I need help is critical for me. They also offer FFmpeg which many other hosts don’t and I needed it for my video converting. Hard to find on a shared hosting plan but these guys got it all, cheers! Steve Thorton

  • Simply The Best Hosting Provider I Have Ever Used – and boy, have I used a lot. The proof in this case, is in the pudding. Their cloud hosting infrastructure and technology is among the top tier available, at 3rd or 4th tier rates. Cloud hosting is a must for me because I can’t risk my websites being hosted on one server alone plus the added benefits of being in the cloud and having multiple servers load my content is sweet.

    HostHero is one of the few companies that offer cloud hosting for an affordable price and the fact that they are Canadian is awesome. I recommend them to anyone who wants cloud hosting at a low cost and am happy thus far. You guys rock, keep it up please! Kyle Richards

  • I have no complaints when it comes to this hosting company. I’ve tried other companies and none measure up to the professionalism of FatCow. Honestly, everytime I’ve had questions, their customer service has been impeccable, and I’ve always gotten off the phone satisfied. My sites never go down, and I generally feel they offer high quality web hosting. You get a free listing with with their hosting plan which is great for me because I have a local retail business. Good hosting and nice features. Lauren Dalton